I'm Tobias Ebert
Portrait & Commercial Photographer
Based in Prague


I specialise in brand storytelling and aim to help build engaging, relatable connections with audiences by creating compelling visuals that showcase the people and stories behind brands.

Born and raised in Germany, I started my career as a photographer there in 2008, built my own photo studio with a great team of creatives, and finally moved to Prague in 2020 to take on new opportunities and challenges.

My extensive experience of over 15 years enables me to manage photo shoots effectively in all aspects and with fast turnaround times. My communication skills allow me to understand my clients’ values and translate them into their unique visual language.

Selected clients: DB, Deutsche Bank, Diakonie, DKMS, Mercedes-Benz, Nordblanc, Porsche, Rewe, Roche, Sparkasse, TÜV, Volkswagen and many more





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